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Welcome to my little corner of the vast God planned domain. I plan to share mostly my card projects here, you might even possible see some scrapping, quilt projects, and photography. Who knows I may even try other other craft projects. I am also going to share a selection of little recipe cards I have collected over the past few years - scrapped, of course. There may even be some little things of greatness of my daily life. Every now and then, I might even vent!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Very Blessed

I just came home from a Women's Retreat thru my church and am so blessed to have a God that cares for me as much as he does. The study was on grace and how we need to be aware of grace, use grace notes and live grace. It was an awesome time with 42 other women in faith praising, worshiping, praying and most of all showing grace to one another.

We were also blessed to have it in a absolutely beautiful setting - Leavenworth WA, which is a little Bavarian decorated town. Great shop, eats, etc surrounded with snowtop mountains. It was wonderful weather to spend in God's beaauty around us. I also had the priveledge to spend the weekend with my daughter and that personal fellowship also.

We are all so blessed if we take the time to realize it! Thanks you God for sending your Son into my life as a child. Thanks to the speaker, worship leader and retreat committee. I love you all, you made my weekend wonderful.


  1. Really pretty image and I love the purple, green and black color combo...

  2. Linda, your post is beautiful and inspiring. Your card is also lovely. The purple and green combo is great.

  3. how beautiful that you had a truly spiritual retreat! we do have an awesome God and its so wonderful when we can break through the "flesh" and embrace His love for us...what would we do without him? I just cant imagine....
    hugs to you!!!

  4. Your card is so pretty. I love the image.