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Welcome to my little corner of the vast God planned domain. I plan to share mostly my card projects here, you might even possible see some scrapping, quilt projects, and photography. Who knows I may even try other other craft projects. I am also going to share a selection of little recipe cards I have collected over the past few years - scrapped, of course. There may even be some little things of greatness of my daily life. Every now and then, I might even vent!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


the wedding was beautiful, moved new soninlaw's parents, played a few days and then!!!

We got a call yesterday at 11:00 am when my son came over to the house to use my computer and he said we have a little problem over here. Well we happened to have a flood in our house. The hose to the washing machine broke and we think it ran about 3 days. There was 3 inches of water in the basement and draining through the small drain down there. Upstairs where the washer and ryer are there was about an inch of water in our kitchen, dining and living room. That end of the house is lower so we lucked out in the scrapbook room which was next to the living room and the other two bedrooms were spared. We tho did not get home until 1:00 am this morning and he was continually swabbing out water all day. We also did about 20 more gallons after we got home. Went to bed at 5 am and got a call at 6:30 that they are showing up about noon to dig the basement out. We have extended ceiling in our basement and since the water also went through the floor we lost the whole celing except to rooms. We will lose the kitchen floor and probably our carpet since it has been so long wet. We will know more later today. I am now trying to get evreything out of the upper floors that is still in the rooms taken care of.

Was going to stay through tomorrow so we could go to another reception for the newlyweds today but that is not happening. Also while we were away my hubby Aunt was in the hospital overnight with very low oxygen and my Aunt in
Montana had a slight stroke and was in the hospital for 3 days. I am supposed to go to Montana to be with and take care of my mother on Friday as she is having extensive back surgery.

Please keep our family in your prayers and thanks God we did not loose more than we did tho I am sure eveything in storage and my 20 some boxes of Christmas things are all ruined. I am also off to buy about 20 plastic tubs to put everything salvagable in. If they replace my kitchen floor we will have to move out of the house for awhile and not sure how much time I will have on the computer.

Talk to you all later and will keep you updated.