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Welcome to my little corner of the vast God planned domain. I plan to share mostly my card projects here, you might even possible see some scrapping, quilt projects, and photography. Who knows I may even try other other craft projects. I am also going to share a selection of little recipe cards I have collected over the past few years - scrapped, of course. There may even be some little things of greatness of my daily life. Every now and then, I might even vent!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Much Fun - God Is Wonderful

hursday, March 5, 2009

I had such a great time putting my blog spot together last night. Today I was home yet with this horrible cold so I had a great time going through and paying all of our monthly bills. After that hubby and I talked about our plans for my Spring Break in just about 3 weeks. We have reservations for the Oregon Coast, one of my favs. Talked about where we will go and things we will do. I can hardly wait to get out of town. We did not go on any long or short-term, for that matter, vacation last summer. Dan started with chest pain in June and from there spent 2 days (July 34-) in hospital and received two stents. One week later (July 11-12) did the same thing again - yes two more stents. Came home and then next evening (July 12-13) thru ER and an ambulance ride for two days spent in the hospital with a high fever due to a heart attack that day. Could not do much of anything all summer so on September 26 had another day in the hospital only to be told everything was working fine. Finally on October 25 he could not stand it any longer and we found a new cardiologist and he said there was nothing he could do, just exercise it off. A week later went to another Cardio guy and he said in the hospital in three days. One of the stents has blocked an artery. So he had an angiogram October 28, and was told going nowhere but admitted to hospital unti lwe can do surgery after the Plavix leaches out of systems. Well guess what 8 days later (Nov4) he had open heart surgery and a quad bypass performed. Loved this team of guys. Today he went for his 4 mo check and DR says eveything is lokking good considering he cracked a spot alost 2 months ago. Yes he was bad in dec & Jan and helped friends shovel our 5 feet of snow in a week. I am so excited that is behind us. Thanks for listening to my rambling. I know all along that all of the prayers and best wishes and God's hand with those drs that he came through OK.

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