Welcome to my World

Welcome to my little corner of the vast God planned domain. I plan to share mostly my card projects here, you might even possible see some scrapping, quilt projects, and photography. Who knows I may even try other other craft projects. I am also going to share a selection of little recipe cards I have collected over the past few years - scrapped, of course. There may even be some little things of greatness of my daily life. Every now and then, I might even vent!

Friday, October 9, 2009

First things first

I am home today because there is no school and I do not work on nonschool days. YEAH
BUT instead I am starting to dig the junk out of my house. Today I am redoing my scrap and craft room while I am ambitious. Will blog and catch up on some other things later. Even plan to give up a day of scrapping tomorrow to hopefully get another room completed.

Wish me luck or BETTER yet come help me and haul some of my things to your house.


  1. If you lived close by, we could help each other and swap stuff. Good luck and have fun sorting through everything. Don't get too frustrated that you are redoing and not playing with your things.

  2. Good luck, I have that same project on the agenda for this weekend.

  3. Of all the rooms in a house to clean, the craft room is the most fun I have found :) Hope it turns out well...love to see some pics!

  4. Linda, you have set yourself quite a goal! I always lose focus when I start finding things again!! Have fun, too! Blessings to you!