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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where has the time gone

This month has gone by so fast. I just do not know where it has gone. Only 30 working days and I will have 6 weeks off to enjoy. I can hardly wait. Our office atmosphere is so tense right now. There are a lot of school budget cuts and our whole Special Ed department is being reconfigured. Noone knows for sure what is going to happen for next year yet.

1. We have been leasing, at a high rate, an office space in a industrial area and we are moving to an older school that is being somewhat remodeled during the summer. There are over 100 people in our department and only half are going to the new office into just a few rooms. Two groups of 12-14 each are going into portables. The other half into 2-3 offices. The remainder of the 100+ will be housed in schools themselves.

2. The other huges is issue is who packs, moves, unpacks and sort everything out. I feel I will be stuck with quite abit of it as I have been in our office area the longest, others have children and do not want to give up any of their summer. Also we are trying to buy and update some of the equipment and the tech gal will be going on maternity leave just after we are started up again in the fall.

There fore lots, of tension amoung the many and very few answers at this time. I just pray that things go smoother than we usually expect. Will spend quite a bit of time doing some posting and updating this weekend. Want to get some more cards and things on the site. Thanks for taking the time to look and please send up little prayers.

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